Ray the Scarecrow Firewood Folk

~If he only had a brain...
~Well, Ray sure does.
~He just doesn't look it.
~Ray's noggin is made from stain, painted and sanded cotton.

~His body and limbs are made from hard woods with an ax I swung myself.

~He wears a light denim button down shirt and jeans.

~His collar is burlap.

~He wears cotton gloves and his little work boots are black broadcloth.

~Artist pencils and paint were used for his baby blues.

~He had a needle sculpted scarecrow nose, eyebrows and mouth.

~Under his permanently attached worn scarecrow hat is his scraggly straw "hair."

~To make sure everyone knows he has a brain, he proudly wears his sign "e=mc2." It is sculpted from clay.

~He's approx. 12" long. 9" high in the seated position.

$135.00 for Ray the Scarecrow Firewood Folk. This includes insured Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation inside the good ol' continual U.S.of A. only.


~She is made from stained, painted and sanded cotton.

~She wears a pretty maple leaves cotton dress.

~Her petticoat is brown broadcloth.

~Her black broadcloth witch hat is removable.

~Around her shoulders is her vintage "shawl" tied with black ribbon.

~Artist pencils and paint were used for her sweet witchy eyes.

~Her wart is sculpted from clay and has a horse hair in it.

~She has a stitched smile and painted tooth.

~Her wild gray hair is needle felted soft mohair.

~She holds her sign "The witch is in" to let others know she has arrived. It is made from an old wood shingle.

~She is firmly attached to a free standing vintage solid oak spindle.

~She's approx 21" including her witch hat.

~Dried maple leaves are included.

Wanda is sold.

Thank you!!!

Sorry, no duplicates will be made.

Folk Art Great Horned Owl

~Owlyn is made from stained, painted and sanded cotton.

~Artist pencils and paint were used for his wise ol' eyes.

~His beak is needle sculpted.

~His wings and tail "feathers" are quilted.

~He's permanently attached to a maple branch.

~The branch is attached to a piece of old barn wood and adorned with dried Sweet Annie and grass. The wood is from our 160 year old dairy barn.

~His sign reads "Older but wiser." (Many of us can attest to that.)

~He's approx. 12.5" tall.

~Dried maple leaves are included.

Owlyn the Great Horned Owl is sold.

Thank you!!!
Sorry, not duplicates will be made.

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