Dare to Dream...

Whoever said the cow jumped over the moon didn't ask the man in the moon what really happened.

 photo dream1_zpsfi2lsoxw.jpg

~The Man in the Moon is made from painted cotton.
~The Holstein is also made from painted cotton.
~A crackle and antique technique was used to give them the look of worn leather.
~Both are sealed.

 photo dream5_zpstz8m6vid.jpg

 photo dream2_zpsamddeqbd.jpg

~The Man in the Moon is attached to the Holstein.
~He holds leather reins in his little moonman hands.

 photo dream6_zpsr7s9ksyk.jpg

~He's sporting a pair of checkered Vans because... well, he longs for the 1980's.

 photo dream3_zpsjdfk5gor.jpg

~The Holstein is attached to a wooden dowel.
~The wooden dowel is attached to a piece of antique barn wood. The barn wood is from our 156 year old dairy barn.
~Rusty wired shooting stars adorn the dowel.

 photo dream4_zpsb4qtdx0a.jpg

~The hand painted pennants read "Dream" and can be removed.

~This piece is approx. 17" high by 15" long.

$200.00 ~ For "Dream. This includes insured Priority Mail shipping with Delivery Confirmation inside the good ol' continental U.S. of A. only.

As always, thank you kindly for stopping by.
Wishing everyone a fantastic October!!

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Remember to do some leaf peeping.

Take care and God bless,
~Karin Pender
:> )