"One, two, Freddy's coming for you..."

Freddy Krueger Firewood Folk

 photo fred1_zpsumzv7yih.jpg

~Freddy's round noggin is made from stained, painted and sanded cotton.
~His wooden jointed body and limbs are made from dried hardwood cut with an ax I swung myself.

 photo fred5_zps0intpael.jpg

~He wears a dirty green and red stripe "sweater."
~His pants are black broadcloth.
~He wears black boots.
~His tattered Freddy hat is removable.
~He is approx. 12" (hat included) long, 9" high in the seated position.

 photo fred3_zpsw4zzxfvx.jpg

~Paint and artist pencils were used for his blue eyes.
~He has a needle sculpted nose, eyebrows and mouth.
~He has hints of "burns."
~He's got lil' ears too!

 photo fred4_zpsypdviun8.jpg

~He wears his infamous "bladed" glove he made himself.

"No running in the hallway."

 photo fred2_zpsrswq7gpc.jpg

$140.00 for Freddy Krueger Firewood Folk. This includes insured Priority Mail shipping with delivery confirmation inside the good ol' continental U.S. of A. only.

Freddy is sold.
Sorry, no duplicates will be made.


Thank you!

Folk Art Great Horned Owl

~Owlyn is made from stained, painted and sanded cotton.

 photo owl1_zpshtaln0n1.jpg

 photo owl02_zpshhr5atlu.jpg

~Paint and artist pencils were used for his wise old owl eyes.
~His beak is needle sculpted.
~His wings and tail feathers are quilted.

 photo owl3_zpskcbkhwpz.jpg

~He sits on a genuine maple branch.
~It's firmly attached to a piece of antique barn siding and is adorned with dried Sweet Annie and other dried sprigs.

 photo owl4_zpsml3wgplg.jpg

~The sign reads "Older, but wiser." (Isn't that the truth?)
~It is made from a barn roof wood shingle.
~The wood is from our 160+ year old dairy barn.

This piece is approx 12" high.
He is signed and dated.

Owlyn the Great Horned Owl is sold.


Thank you!

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Happy Halloween!!!!

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Take care and God bless,
~Karin Pender
Countryfolk Keepsakes
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