“Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”~Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Firewood Folk

 photo benf1_zpsvdtalbid.jpg

~Ben's round noggin is made from stained, painted and sanded cotton.
~His wooden jointed body and limbs are made from dried hardwood cut with an ax I swung myself.
~He wears a black broadcloth jacket lined with tan broadcloth.
~It is adorned with gold seed bead buttons.
~His ruffled shirt, cuffs and and knickers are cotton.
~His shoes are black broadcloth.
~He is approx. 11" long, 8" high in the seated position.

 photo benf2_zpsauia6lt1.jpg

~Paint and artist pencils were used for his worldly blue gray eyes.
~He has a needle sculpted nose, eyebrows and mouth.
~He's got lil' ears too!
~The bifocals he invented are attached.

 photo benf3_zpsghdstyow.jpg
~His hair is needle felted soft mohair.

 photo benf4_zpsxdvf1dfx.jpg

~He'll bring along his very own patriotic shield kite. Ready to fly when there's a lightning storm.

$140.00 for Benjamin Franklin Firewood Folk. This includes insured Priority Mail shipping with delivery confirmation inside the good ol' continental U.S. of A. only.
An additional 8.75% sales tax for New York State residents.


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A Folk Art Spring Hare

 photo springhare1_zpsrpqpfhph.jpg

 photo springhare3_zps4bzmoudy.jpg

~Hannelore is made from painted cotton.

 photo springhare02 3_zpsrvdcsx0m.jpg

~A crackle and antique sealed technique was used to give her the look of worn leather.
~She's securely attached to an antique beehive bobbin.
~She is approx. 17.5" high.

~Her dress is a beautiful filigree print in shades of blue.
~Her coordinating tiny leaf print petticoat is trimmed with gorgeous antique lace.
~An antique pearl shoe button adorns her bodice and her collar is the same antique lace.
~The petticoat fabric was used for her cascading bodice bow.

 photo springhare4_zpsbv2lzxmm.jpg

~Over her shoulder she carries a satchel with three carrots.
~Her satchel is made from a delicate vintage hankie with lovely floral stitchery.
~The hankie is folded and stitched. I couldn't bring myself to cut such a pretty textile.

 photo springhare5_zpsdcod3yeu.jpg

~I sculpted all three carrots from clay. They are painted, sealed and removable.

 photo hutchh_zpsiignjmjg.jpg

$135.00 for Hannelore a Folk Art Spring Hare. This includes insured, Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation inside the good ol' continental U.S.A. only.

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~Karin Pender
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