Count Drac Firewood Folk

 photo drac01_zpsn76ieaz6.jpg

~Count Drac's round, pasty white noggin is made from painted and sanded cotton.
~His wooden jointed body and limbs are made from dried hardwood cut with the ax I swung myself.
~He's approx. 11" long. 8" high in the seated position.

~He wears a black double breasted suit with seed bead buttons.
~His black Dracula cape is lined with a blood red broadcloth.
~He wears a cotton dress shirt with cuffs and a blood red bow tie.
~ He's sporting lil' black scoots.

~Artist pencils and paint were used for his pale blue eyes.
~His wee fangs and widow's peak hairdo are also painted.
~His nose and mouth are needle sculpted.
~He has little ears too!

 photo drac03_zpscjqevkon.jpg

~His little buddy Victor the Happy Vampire Bat is sculpted from clay, is painted and sealed.
~He can be removed from his hand. But do you really want to that to him?

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He was made exclusively for Early Work Mercantile.
Sorry, no duplicates will be made.

Count Drac and Victor are sold.


Thank you!

Folk Art Great Horned Owl

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~Owlyn is made from stained, painted and sanded cotton.
~Paint and artist pencils were used for his wise old owl eyes.
~His beak is needle sculpted.
~His wings and tail feathers are quilted.

 photo owlyn4_zpsuh0kevi8.jpg

 photo owlyn2_zpszn0771rv.jpg

 photo owlyn3_zpsc2ji7ub1.jpg

~He sits on a genuine sugar maple branch.
~It's firmly attached to a piece of antique barn siding and is adorned with preserved Sweet Annie.
~The sign reads "Older, but wiser." (Isn't that the truth?)
~It is made from a barn roof wood shingle.
~The wood is from our 160+ year old dairy barn.

This piece is approx 14.5" high.
He is signed and dated.
I will give you some dried maple leaves, too.

Owlyn the Great Horned Owl is sold.


Thank you!

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Countryfolk Keepsakes

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Think Autumn!!