Little Betsy Ross

She may be small in stature but she's huge in personality!

 photo betsystump1_zpse3rjcay0.jpg

~Elizabeth Griscom Ross is made from stained, painted and sanded cotton.
~She is lightly weighted.
~Her eyes are embroidered.
~She has a needle sculpted nose and mouth.
~Her Quaker Blue dress is cotton.
~She's approx. 8.5" tall.

 photo betsystump3_zpsupqge4bl.jpg

~Her hair is genuine llama wool, needle felted into a sweet little bun.
~She wears a cotton mob cap and fichu.

 photo betsystump2_zpscppjgze1.jpg

~She has little twig arms.
~She holds the first American flag design.
~Ticking fabric, a blue canton with thirteen wee French knots to represent our thirteen colonies.

Little Betsy Ross is sold.


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~Karin Pender


 photo betsystump4_zps1pzmttam.jpg

Make Betsy proud. Fly your American flag.